Justen Reviews New Ipad Pro

By Justen Stryker, posted on 01/31/2019

I received this iPad Pro shortly after being selected by ProductTestingUSA.com. The delivery time was within a week from when I submitted my address after being chosen. The product arrived in an standard Amazon package and was packaged well. 
 The new 11” iPad Pro is astoundingly impressive straight out of the box. Apple continues their trend of keeping things classy with their packaging and opening the box is an experience of its own.

The design of the Apple iPad Pro has changed up for this series. A new compact screen design allows for more screen real estate on the face of the iPad Pro. Finally, there is an Apple tablet with an edge-to-edge display that has a significantly smaller bezel. The screen is something worth being excited about. The colors and brilliance are beyond any other tablet I’ve laid my hands on. The sharp edges may take you back to some of the earlier iPhones, which in fact, I really love. This iPad Pro feels solid in the hand. It has the quality that Apple is well known for and raises the bar even closer to Apple’s MacBooks, yet with a considerably lighter device.

I’m incredibly impressed and do not want to set this device down because it feels so great in the hands. The 2018 11 inch iPad Pro boast some upgrades from the last iPad Pro series. The 11” replaces the previous 10.5” with a laptop-class performance A12X Bionic processor. The battery life is something to be desired. It’s said that you can expect 10 hours of normal use. Thats most of the day. From my experience, I’ve been achieving more than 10 hours of battery life.

While this iPad Pro is powerful, it probably will not replace your laptop, but could make you rethink what the iPad is capable of. The new iPad Pro continues the trend of using iOS. Maybe someday you’ll get your Mac OS iPad Pro… Someday. This does not mean that there are not some similar functionalities that this device is capable of.

Along with the amazing Adobe Apps available on the iPad Pro, Adobe is said to release a full version of Photoshop CC specifically for this series of iPad Pro. I’m amazed at all of the apps for creatives that are available on this device. From the camera app to the more complex apps like ProCreate, Adobe Lightroom, Sketch, Adobe Rush and more. That’s exciting news, coming from a professional graphic designer and photographer. Speaking of photography, lets talk about the camera on this device. It’s no upgrade from the last, but does offer a couple of features worth mentioning. The 11” iPad Pro sports 12MP rear facing camera, 7MP front facing camera, 4K video at 60 frames per second, filming up to 240 frames per second at 720p, and also includes the new Smart HDR feature. FaceTime on the iPad Pro is a huge step up from an iPhone. At an increased price point starting out at $799 for the 64GB, some may wonder, is it worth it? That being said, when you include the Smart Folio Keyboard at the new Apple Pencil (Generation 2), you are looking at spending upwards of $1100. That’s a hefty price for something that doesn’t quite live up to the laptop experience.

While were are breaking down on the cons, where’s the headphone jack? I’m not really sure how I feel about this. I see that there is USB-C jack, but there’s no adapter for headphones. Is this something intentional to get consumers to invest in some Apple Air Pods or other wireless headphones? All in all, this thing is fast. Apps open rather immediately and games are better than ever. Processing power on the 11 inch iPad Pro is astounding. Apple continues to blow us away with their product designs with all of the physical features. From the impressive screen down to the amazing sound that comes out of the speaker, I am eager to do more and more on this device.

There’s a lot to look forward in this new 11 inch iPad Pro. If I were to give this iPad Pro a rating out of 5, I’d go with a 4. Apple is being innovative in ways with this device, yet there may be a couple of things that may hold you back from purchasing this device, like having no headphone jack or even the price point. Overall, I would highly recommend the 11 inch iPad Pro to someone who is going to want to purchase one with the Apple Pencil and the Smart Folio Keyboard.


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